December 1, 2020

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Limited group trainings allowed, advises DRD secretary

SAN JUAN – The Secretary of the Sports and Recreation Department, Adriana Sánchez Parés reported on Saturday that Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced allowed group training to continue with six participants, as is currently being carried out.

“Once the governor issued her message, given the concern of the sports sector, I contacted her to request that the training of six participants be continued, without physical contact and with a coach, since we can attest to how the leagues and clubs have followed their COVID-19 prevention protocols. In the Department we have been constantly receiving their protocols and supervising that they are being carried out. Given this, the Governor acceded to my request indicating that as long as we remain in compliance, we could continue with the trainings as before, ”the secretary declared.

“We are aware that for our children and young people, being able to stay active in their sports training is extremely important for both their emotional and physical health. Especially when the emergency has forced them to take their education courses online, ”he added.

Also, the secretary informed that it will soon issue a new Circular Letter with the rules applicable to physical training and recreational activities from Monday, November 16 to Friday, December 11.

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