June 19, 2021

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Limited the Banco Popular page before avalanche of reviews to know if they deposited the $ 600

Due to the high volume of clients of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR) trying to access its page and application to find out if the $ 600 was deposited, the banking institution is moderating people’s access as a protection measure for the system.
This information was confirmed by the BPPR communications office, who detailed that the system works in this way and does not affect the services of those who access it.
The bank confirmed that this is due to the large number of people who are trying to access their accounts to verify whether the federal $ 600 was deposited as part of the stimulus for the COVID-19 pandemic, although this does not mean that the system collapsed and that those who cannot enter at the moment, will be able to do so in minutes.
Regarding the $ 600, the Secretary of the Department of the Treasury, Francisco Parés, confirmed that today the aid to some 200 thousand applications has already been deposited, which represents about $ 190 million. The official added that by Saturday they expect to have impacted some 700,000 applications, depositing about $ 600 million in total.
In addition, it was announced that SURI’s system will be out of service for merchants until tomorrow.

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