April 10, 2021

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Little league baseball resumption tunes

The secretary of the DRD had a meeting with the presidents of the organizations of minor categories of baseball

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San Juan – The importance of certifying baseball coaches, as well as their protocols and regulations to avoid harassment and abuse in minors, the Covid-19 protocols for the possible reactivation of the competition, were some of the topics that were analyzed This Tuesday, at a meeting that the Secretary of the Sports and Recreation Department (DRD), Ray Quiñones Vázquez, had with the presidents of the minor league baseball organizations in Puerto Rico, in order to unify efforts to benefit the development of this sport on the Island.

“We know the concern that exists with the resumption of minor league competitions on the island, especially in the sport of baseball. For this reason, we coordinate this meeting with all the presidents of the little leagues, including the president of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, Dr. José Quiles, in order to align future plans for the benefit of this sport, always ensuring safety. of our children and youth ”, indicated the designated secretary of the DRD in written communication.

“One of the biggest concerns for us as a regulatory agency is that the coaches are duly certified, as established by Law 8-2004. We provide them with the resources so that they can keep up to date with their licenses and the knowledge to avoid mistreatment of minors ”, he said.

The meeting held at the DRD was attended by José Quiles, president of the Puerto Rico Baseball Federation, Carlos Pagán, president of Little League Baseball, Eric and Eddie Rodríguez from RBI, from Coliceba Juvenil, José Mayo, from Boys Baseball PR, Ángel Suárez, Jaime Torres from the American Congress and from Class A, Mr. Enrique Mendoza and Alfredo Irizarry.

Also, the director of the Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of Sports and Recreation (IPDDER), Juan García.

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