April 22, 2021

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Little rain activity for this weekend

The island continues to be covered with a light layer of dust particles from the Sahara desert that will limit the formation of showers this weekend, said meteorologist José Álamo, of the National Meteorological Service in San Juan this Saturday.

It will not be until Monday that the rainiest days begin, he warned.

For today, Saturday, what stands out is the slight amount of dust from the Sahara in the atmosphere.

“The haze is not affecting visibility,” said the expert.

It is expected that in the afternoon some showers will be registered for the south of the Island, due to the combination of local effects and the sea breeze.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the same conditions are expected, although the isolated showers that could be registered in the afternoon would be for the west, because a change in the wind direction is expected.

For both days, the maximum temperature is expected to be around 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

What stands out most in the weather conditions are two systems in the Atlantic Ocean that are monitored by the National Hurricane Center (NHC) for possible cyclonic development.

The first system would pass to the south of the Island as a tropical wave between Monday and Tuesday.

Alamo reported that this system has “a fairly wide moisture field.”

“It’s going to bring increased rain activity and a slight increase in winds,” he said.

According to the NHC, this system has 20% potential for cyclonic development in the next 48 hours and 30% in the next five days.

Alamo indicated that the rest of the week would continue to be wet. But, he detailed that the most significant downpours would be registered at the end of next week. He explained that there will be a low pressure at high levels, which would cause the formation of thunderstorms.

Regarding the other system that the NHC monitors, the meteorologist explained that “there is too much uncertainty about how it will evolve and if even if it is going to approach the area.”

The problem you have is that the tropical wave moves so slowly that you don’t have an accurate forecast.

The NHC indicates that it may reach some cyclonic development next week, when it is in the east or center of the Atlantic Ocean.

“It is difficult to say when it is going to approach and if it is going to have any impact. It is moving slowly, ”said Álamo.

On the other hand, the maritime conditions are calm. Waves between three to five feet are recorded.

By tomorrow, Sunday, the waves are expected to rise to six feet. Small boat operators are urged to exercise caution.

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