March 3, 2021

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Loíza will regulate the collection of debris and fine offenders

The Municipality of Loiza will regulate the collection of debris and fine those residents who fail to comply with the new measures, the mayor announced on Friday Julia Nazario Fuentes.

Now, citizens must fill out a ballot at the Municipal Public Works Office to request the service and be able to schedule jobs more efficiently.

“The service will continue to be free, but given the large amount that is generated daily, we established a simple process. So far in January, we have already invested $ 170,000 in collection and disposal. That is a lot of money “, the mayor detailed in written statements to the press.

Residents will not have to constantly remove debris to avoid a $ 100 fine, which will increase depending on the number of times the person defaults.

They specified that the collection of debris does not include construction, remodeling or demolition waste, such as cement, blocks or tiles, since such waste is the responsibility of the owner of the structure and the builder or worker.

On the other hand, the Municipality requested the collaboration of citizens to denounce, in a confidential manner, through 787-876-6549, those who indiscriminately deposit debris on public roads and communities.

Given this, an administrative fine of $ 1,000 and a complaint to the Court have been ordered.

The mayor recalled that the Municipal Public Works offices are located on Highway PR-187, next to the municipal cemetery, with telephone number 787-876-3242 and that it operates from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. p.m.

According to Nazario Fuentes, municipal employees have collected more than 7,500 tons of rubble in an impact carried out from June to November of last year, together with an educational campaign that reached 80% of the territory of Loiceño, made up of 54 communities. The process continues its course.

The collection of rubble in Loíza is carried out weekly and does not include large trees.

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