August 5, 2021

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Lorenzo González on the rise in coronavirus cases: “that does concern us”

The Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González said that the rise recorded today in coronavirus cases is the highest recorded in a single day in three months.

Today's numbers of coronavirus reported by Health they indicate that there were about 204 new infections and another 333 probable cases.

In an interview at WKAQ 580 AM, González regretted the figures. “It is possibly the highest number reported in the past three months. That does concern us. The 225 are carriers, they can pass it on to people with compromised conditions, such as the elderly, and that is where we may have the biggest problem, "said the secretary.

He indicated that the figures will be discussed today at a staff meeting of the Department of Health and affirmed that they continue to look cautiously at the numbers.

The secretary called for "people not to become irresponsible", this in allusion to citizen behaviors perceived in the past few days as citizens outside their homes without wear masks.

“The situation is not over. We are still under a global emergency, the pandemic, we are still trying to control entry through airports, so what is the population doing? he goes and exposes himself, "said González.

" Recognize that if you get sick, perhaps nothing will happen to you, but if this happens to a vulnerable person in your family, it will kill him, it will kill him, "he warned. .

In positive aspects, González said that the 115 people hospitalized today represent a drop in contrast from yesterday, that there were 118, and that there were no new deaths.

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