July 28, 2021

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Lúgaro affirms that Juan Dalmau and Eliezer Molina ‘are not the enemies’

The candidate for governor for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Alexandra Lúgaro, yesterday made some expressions criticizing the “old politics” and clarifying that for her campaign, the minority parties are not the enemies.

“The old politics has always bet on DIVIDING US to BEAT US. Let’s not fall into its trap by attacking those with whom we have more coincidences than differences,” Lúgaro wrote on social networks.

To this, he added that Juan Dalmau, candidate for the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), and Eliezer Molina, independent candidate, “are not the enemies.”

As he said, the real enemies are “but bipartisanship, corruption, conformism and indifference.”

The candidate was shown making an invitation to her followers to respect other candidates “and groups and we seek to convince with our proposals and trajectory” seven days before the elections.


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