July 29, 2021

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Lúgaro foresees that MVC will win with 32% of the votes

The candidate for governor for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Alexandra Lúgaro, was confident that she will be favored with 32% of the votes.

“We won the elections,” he said in an interview on Radio Isla with journalist Julio Rivera Saniel. “We are talking about a closed result. [Obtendrá] 30% to 35% whoever wins the Interior. In the last elections we saw 20% vote outside the old political parties. We are contemplating that with 10% [adicional] we can get the victory, “said Lúgaro.

The lawyer argued that with the actions of the current administration, she does not doubt that at least that 10% will vote against the traditional parties. He also thought that “there is no poll or survey that can predict” what will happen today because they are “trying to measure a different context with previous trends.”

“We are satisfied, grateful with all the people who have joined, with all the volunteers who got up very early to defend those polls, he added.”

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