March 6, 2021

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Luis Fonsi brings out a new song with Farruko

photo: EFE / Ángeles Visdómine

San Juan – The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Luis Fonsi launched this Friday, along with the Puerto Rican reggaeton Farruko, his new single, “Perfecta”, which will be included in his next album and which tells the story of a man who admires “the perfection” of a certain woman and bravely He confesses his love.

“’Perfect’ is celebrating perfection in women. It is not telling her that she is perfect as a cliché, but recognizing that despite whatever flaws I think she has, she is perfect for me. It’s getting that bravery out and deciding to tell you today, ”Fonsi told Efe in a videoconference interview.

“Far beyond a woman feeling that she is missing something to feel perfect, the message I want to carry is that although we are all different, we have our strengths and weaknesses, we are perfect for someone. Look at ourselves in the mirror with that positivism and affirm that this is fine, “he said.

The 42-year-old artist admits that the beginning of the song “has” or exposes a bit of him, from when he was younger.

In that part, Fonsi relates that the man in the story is at home sitting in a corner looking and contemplating the woman who is “perfect” for him, but he does not dare to go to her and tell her.

He confesses to being shy when approaching a woman

“Sometimes we don’t have the courage to say our feelings. When I was younger and watched my friends approach girls and talk to them, I didn’t have the same courage to do that. I was always lazy, shy, “he admitted.

“It’s not not being romantic, but that first blow of telling a woman ‘I like you’ was hard for me and I suffered. But later, I knew how to express myself. Eventually the correct words came out “, recognizes the interpreter of the worldwide hit” Despacito “.

Someone will find you perfect

Along the same lines, Fonsi reflects on the exposure of people on social networks, on how those people want ‘likes’, which are perfect for someone.

“In a world in which people want ‘likes’ and use filters to look more perfect, perfection is not in that, but in being and celebrating being different,” emphasized Fonsi, who recently celebrated six years of marriage with the Spanish model Águeda López, with whom she has two children, Mikaela and Rocco.

“What you are looking for is that compatibility, to find that click in what one understands what he likes about the other, in celebrating the beautiful part. Perfection does not mean that there are no differences between one and the other. At least I am very lucky. I feel very blessed with my wife ”, he confesses.

The pandemic inspires to write

Fonsi tells Efe that the composition of “Perfecta” arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, at a time when he says “we need positive lyrics, especially for women.”

The musical work was completed with Colombians Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, producers of the Puerto Rican artist’s previous album, “Vida”.

“Sometimes I find it interesting to know how people interpret that story. Because I can be here for three hours giving you my point of view of what I wanted, but for me more interesting is how she digests it, “she said.

At last the “meeting” with Farruko took place

Another Fonsi idea for the theme was to include Farruko for the sensual part of what is their first collaboration together.

According to him, both had been communicating for several years and sending their own songs to collaborate, but the right one never appeared, until “Perfecta” was finally born.

“He put his magic and his verses and his color and flavor in it. It is a fusion from beginning to end, which is something that defines both of us, “said Fonsi of the urban star, who has already contributed to the remix of the song” Calma “by Pedro Capó.

“One of the things I like the most about Farruko is his different styles of interpretation. And it seemed like a cool challenge to be able to do something with him, “he said.

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