January 27, 2021

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Luis Irizarry Pabón is sworn in as mayor of Ponce

In a ceremony held at dawn at the La Guancha Complex

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Ponce – Dr. Luis Irizarry Pabón was sworn in as mayor of Ponce on Wednesday at a ceremony held at dawn at the La Guancha Complex.

“Despite all this, the sun rises every day without remembering how dark the night brought. From now on, with strength and hopeful faith, we will try together to rebuild a new city directed towards the High, because from there, from the High, will come the wisdom and the strength of will to continue advancing ”, said Irizarry Pabón in written communication.

The swearing in was carried out by the judge in charge of the Ponce Judicial Region, the honorable Lissette Toro Vélez.

The activity held outdoors, in La Guancha, had the participation of the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Danny Rivera, as well as the Municipal Band of Ponce and the Municipal Choir.

The new Ponce president added that “however, the power to change the course of our city was always in our hands. Today you, distinguished Ponce citizens, in alliance, in unity of purpose, in a civic and voluntary manner, took a great step through Ponce, a resounding step. I knew, I was sure, that a new Ponce was possible if you had the strength and determination of the Ponceño. You set a new inclusive leadership path that put your personal beliefs first and changed the party colors for the red and black of our beloved city. “

The doctor stated that “you are the force, the new emerging alliance, the energy that arises from the unity of purpose, on behalf of our city I thank you. We will use that alliance of wills to work, the transforming hope to change and humanism to heal, we have to be united because that is how we are going to be stronger. We will work hard, with enthusiasm and deep love, for a change in our city ”.

“If Ponce grows, the South zone grows. If the South grows, all of Puerto Rico will grow; that is how vital it is to work as a team to develop the economy of our city. Today I propose to you, that we make a different city together, that we rebuild a vibrant city, that we work on a thoughtful city, a joyful city. Because the joy of our citizens is like a ray of sunlight, it will illuminate everyone, it will illuminate our actions and that clear, diaphanous light will be a guide, “he said.

After the official act was over, a pictorial cancellation was made at the Parque de Bombas Museum. Upon his arrival at the Mayor’s House, the new mayor was received – with due precautions – by the Ponce Children’s Choir.

He explained that during its first 100 days, the new Administration will work to clean up finances, starting with a forensic audit that discovers the reality of municipal finances, he anticipated.

“At the end of that process and with books open to the people, we will see what happened to your money, because after spending more than 1.7 billion dollars in 12 years, with inflated budgets and far from the economic reality of Ponce, today we have a deteriorated city , without economic development, bankrupt, empowered, without basic services to the citizen, without attention to our communities and neighborhoods, submerged in total abandonment, ridiculed without scruples before your need. In my Administration we will go with the truth. Whoever suffers for truth and justice, that is my friend. This is how Master Hostos taught us ”, he declared.

In addition, the mayor mentioned that he will concentrate efforts on cleaning the communities and begin the rehabilitation of recreational areas.

Meanwhile, clear and forceful strategies for economic development and tourism are outlined.

The municipal executive explained that he has established goals and mapped out the path to reach them. “It is a vital matter for the city and this Administration, not to improvise so as not to fall back into what we had, a terrible administration without direction or head, without administration or direction. Today, together with our work team, we have planned our course in an organized and strategic way. We do know where we are going and what we are going to do ”, he emphasized.

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