November 30, 2020

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Luis Muñoz Marín Airport is recognized for its COVID-19 measures

Luis Muñoz Marín Airport received the certification Airport Health Accreditation of the Airports Council International (ACI) in recognition of the health and safety measures adopted to prevent the COVID-19, Aerostar Puerto Rico reported today.

According to the general director of ACI, Luis Felipe de Oliveira, the airport has shown that provides a safe experience for all passengers, which is aligned with the health measures established by the accrediting organization and other organizations of the aviation industry.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Aerostar Puerto Rico, Jorge Hernández, highlighted that the accreditation “It contributes to positioning Puerto Rico as a safe and advanced destination in the field of health, which provides certainty to our visitors and inspires a climate of trust among potential investors”.

“The pandemic has been a challenge for all airports around the world. Despite this, in Puerto Rico we have been pioneers in establishing programs before many other jurisdictions have done so and in some cases, the only ones to implement certain measures. Our primary responsibility and commitment is with our employees and partners, as well as with travelers, both locals and those who visit us, “he added.

Hernández explained that some of the measures evaluated by the accrediting organization were the massive labeling with prevention guides, the installation of hundreds of disinfectant stations, the disinfection of the boarding bridges with the “fogging” system, the installation of thermal cameras infrared to take the temperature, the use of masks, among others.

He mentioned that among the most recent measures is the design and construction of an innovative system of dividers composed of around 700 acrylic panels to ensure social distancing in the lines of security checkpoints from the terminals. For this initiative Aerostar invested over $ 250,000.

“We want both the traveler and our employees to feel in a safe place. Thus, Despite the dramatic reduction we have experienced in air operations, we have been pioneers in the implementation of practices and protocols, which other jurisdictions have used as a benchmark. We have not skimped on investment and we will continue to do so in whatever is necessary to create a safe experience for the entire airport community and for our passengers, ”said Hernández.

Aerostar has invested around $ 1,000,000 since the start of the pandemic, both in the development and implementation phases of health practices and protocols, Hernández said.

The ACI is an organization made up of 1,957 airports in 176 countries. So far, it has accredited 15 facilities in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States, Mexico, Canada and now Puerto Rico.

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