July 28, 2021

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LUMA Announces No Power Outages Expected | Present

The company LUMA Energy notified tonight that no interruptions of electricity service are expected due to lack of generation at the facilities of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA).

Earlier today, LUMA had announced that due to interruptions in PREPA’s generation facilities, some customers could experience blackouts between 7:00 and 100:00 today.

Although the company had not given more information, nor did it specify the number of users affected, Jorge Bracero, auxiliary operator at the Central San Juan of the Electric Power Authority, came out to explain what would be happening: “At the moment all the plants are generating a total of 2658 Mw. When communicating with the multiple plants, there are emergency units that are already on but due to a boiler break (common and repairable event) at noon, Aguirre’s unit 1 is out due to an emergency ”.

According to Bracero, this coincides with Aguirre’s unit 2 being under maintenance. “Since between the two there are 1000mw (900 being safe since they are not carried to the maximum) the repair must wait for the morning since it is in the process of cooldown [enfriamiento] to be able to physically enter and fix it and that process is all night ”.

“Luma says that there could be selective blackouts but did not report anything else,” Bracero said in reference to the tweet with which the company announced the interruption of service until 10 at night.

“To say that it was not a scheduled start is false. The unit broke down and was taken out under control. Therefore, from noon today, it was necessary to coordinate that it was necessary to generate and take a letter. It is not telling the people that they are going to be left without electricity, ”the operator complained.

“My recommendation at this moment and it will depend on how efficient this message is is that tonight, especially the next few hours, the demand decreases a little to keep us all safe,” Bracero asked.

The operator asked LUMA Energy customers to be prudent in their energy consumption and not to leave “the whole house on”.

“Be extremely cautious. If we do it as a people, there should be no selective blackouts and no one has needs ”, he said.

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