August 4, 2021

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LUMA Energy employee reportedly tested positive for COVID-19

An employee of LUMA Energy, a consortium that obtained the contract for the privatization of the daily operation at the Electric Power Authority ( AEE ), would have tested positive COVID-19 Being on the island, which in turn would have caused several executives to be quarantined preventively.

When questioned – separately – LUMA and PREPA neither denied nor confirmed the contagion. They attributed their paucity to the privacy that covers the presumed ill executive.

For their part, two union leaders of the public corporation agreed – also separately – that the contagion did occur.

“COVID-19 has complicated and changed all our lives in many ways. We are following strict protocols that LUMA has implemented to keep everyone safe, "said the consortium – made up of the companies Quanta Services, ATCO and IEM – in a statement sent to El Nuevo Día .

" We will continue practicing physical distance, wearing masks and practicing good hygiene. As always, we are committed to the health and safety of our employees and the community, "added LUMA.

Marc Thys, PREPA's director of Human Resources, said, meanwhile:" I don't like to talk about results and our employees , because I consider it to be privileged information. ”

This position is far, however, from that assumed by the public corporation itself, two months ago, when it confirmed the first cases of COVID-19 among its employees . On that occasion, senior management specified both the number of cases and the offices in which the infections occurred.

“What I can tell you, in general terms, is that, to this day, since this began We have done over 2,500 COVID-19 tests on our employees. We have protocols and we have put them into effect since the pandemic began, "Thys told this newspaper.

He added that, as part of that protocol, if any employee tests positive, this and the others with whom he has had contact are put in quarantine.

“At this time, we have no reason to have quarantined employees. No area of ​​the Authority has had to be closed due to internal outbreaks of active employees, "he said.

The president of the Union of Workers in the Electrical and Irrigation Industry ( Utier ), Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo offered a different version, and stated that the 8th floor of the NEOS Building of PREPA, in Santurce, "is in quarantine" . On that floor, they locate the offices of the senior management of the public corporation.

“If the Authority and LUMA are saying that they are not going to give the information for privacy reasons, it is that the information about the contagion is true. If it were not, the correct thing would be to deny it, "said Figueroa Jaramillo.

Meanwhile, the president of the Association of Management Employees of PREPA, Abraham García, indicated that what has been revealed about the alleged contagion of a LUMA executive is" correct, positive. ”

“ They (LUMA) arrived in Puerto Rico and, apparently, entered the Authority without keeping the 14 days of preventive quarantine . Everyone who comes on a trip to Puerto Rico must save those days, "said García.

Last week, the government reported that LUMA will be in charge of the operation of PREPA's transmission, distribution and customer service systems. . The contract is for 15 years, at a cost of $ 1,500 million.

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