July 28, 2021

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LUMA Energy reports that the UITICE union reached majority representation to bargain collectively in that company

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SAN JUAN – LUMA Energy, operator of the electric power transmission and distribution system in Puerto Rico since June 1, 2021, confirmed this Monday that the Insular Union of Industrial Workers and Electrical Constructions (UITICE) formally requested recognition as exclusive bargaining representative collective for an employee bargaining unit.

In a written statement, LUMA Energy confirmed that “UITICE has achieved majority representation, confirmed by an impartial arbitrator, and recognizes UITICE as the bargaining representative of a LUMA employee bargaining unit. LUMA hopes to begin negotiations regarding a collective agreement and establish a relationship with the Union, governed by the National Labor Relations Law ”.

“LUMA believes in instituting modern labor relations with its workforce that align with the Company’s goals of providing healthy and safe working conditions, exceptional customer service, a transformation of Puerto Rico’s electric power supply system, standard compensation industry, equal opportunity and promoting a diverse workforce. LUMA anticipates that any future collective bargaining agreement will be consistent with the Company’s objectives and will allow LUMA to conduct its business for the benefit of the people, companies, the government of Puerto Rico and LUMA’s employees, ”the company indicated.

“LUMA’s parent companies have thousands of unionized employees and maintain constructive relationships with the unions. LUMA looks forward to the opportunity to do the same in Puerto Rico, ”concluded the LUMA Energy statement.

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