May 14, 2021

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Luquillo will administer the second mass vaccination dose by servicarro

In a joint effort between the Municipal Administration of Luquillo and the Coalition for Immunization and Health Promotion, better known as VOCES, on Tuesday, April 27, 2021 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, it will be administered the second dose of vaccination against COVID 19, from the Center of Art and Culture, to the thousand people from Luquillenses who received the first dose by car service, last month.

“With the same efficiency and agility with which we work on the administration of the first dose, we have organized this second inoculation exercise in the service-cart mode, always safeguarding all the recommendations that the health protocol requires in these cases.

On this occasion, the participants of the vaccination must present the vaccination registration card that was given to them at the time of the first dose and go at the same time the first dose was administered ”, acknowledged the first municipal executive, Jesús “Jerry” Márquez Rodríguez,

Educational Campaign intensifies:

On the other hand, Márquez Rodríguez specified that, given the rise in critical cases evidenced in recent days on the island, he asked the COVID-19 Case Investigation and Tracking System Program (SICRCC19) in his municipality to intensify the strategy of education through schools, churches and businesses, fronts identified as being the most vulnerable.

“In the case of churches, a leadership facilitating preventive measures has been developed to discourage community outbreaks. In the schools, our health educators have designed some guides that can be incorporated into the curriculum and in the next few days, we will start a pilot program ”.

Social media platforms also make it easy for us to carry the message that even with vaccination, you cannot lower your guard. The use of masks and physical distancing, are still as valid in our shops, as the first day and that monitoring by municipal authorities is constant. In Luquillo, we continue to fight the virus and we will not rest until we achieve herd immunity ”, concluded Mayor Márquez Rodríguez.

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