June 15, 2021

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Man accused of carjacking jailed

Aguadilla – José Pérez Román, who was accused of committing a carjacking at around 6:30 in the morning on Monday, was jailed after a cause was found against him and he did not pay the bail that was imposed on him, the police reported.

On Monday in the area of ​​an ATM, located in a shopping center located on Highway 107, Kilometer 2.8 of the Borinquén neighborhood in Aguadilla, Pérez Román threatens and deprives Gladys Colón, of legal age and resident of that population, of her vehicle Mitsubishi Mirage, wine color, from the year 2020.

Pérez Román, 35, was arrested shortly after committing the carjacking, by agents of the Aguadilla Drug Division.

Judge Melissa Soto, of the Aguadilla Court, found a case against Pérez Román and imposed a bond of $ 95,000, which he did not pay, being admitted to an unidentified prison.

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