August 1, 2021

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Man and woman arrested for Gun Law and obstruction of justice in Ponce

The arrest took place in the Jardines del Caribe urbanization

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Ponce – According to the Police, agents arrested a man and a woman, in the afternoon of Tuesday, in the middle of a vehicular intervention for violation of the Weapons Law and obstruction of justice.

In addition, they seized chargers, ammunition, controlled substances and a motor vehicle on Calle 2 of the Jardines del Caribe urbanization in Ponce.

While agents, attached to the Ponce Robbery Division, carried out an investigation directed at the incidents of robberies recently reported, they carried out the intervention of the driver of the Suzuki vehicle, Air model of the year 2013, blue color, which in turn occupied five chargers pistol, two ammunition (1 caliber .45 and 1 caliber 9mm) and a casing.

In addition, they occupied 27 plastic containers which contained marijuana sting inside

The arrested individual was identified by the Police as 18-year-old Abdiel Morales Montes.

In the middle of this intervention, a woman was arrested for obstruction of justice, identified as Rosa Muñiz Miranda, 39 years old.

The investigation and arrests were made by Agent Justos Aponte under the supervision of Sergeant Alex Ruiz of the Robbery Division.

This case is being consulted before the prosecutor on duty, in the morning hours today, for the possible filing of corresponding charges.

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