April 14, 2021

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Man arrested for Law 54 in Villalba

The man surrendered to a Police barracks

Photo: Cybernews

Villalba – As reported by the Police, in the afternoon of Monday, Police agents executed an arrest warrant by Law 54 against Julio A. Torres Cortes, 47, a resident of Villalba.

This order was issued on February 26 by Judge Ángel Candelario Cáliz of the Ponce Court, with a bond of $ 50 thousand.

According to the police report, Torres Cortes went to the Villalba District Precinct, where agent Emanuel Ayala, under the supervision of Sergeant Damaris Meléndez of the Ponce Arrest and Search Division, made the arrest.

This order was served by video conference, before Judge Ángel Candelario Cáliz, who ordered the defendant’s admission to the Bayamón Correctional Complex, as it was not possible to provide bail.

This Ooden was issued for events that occurred in Villalba, between the dates of February 23 and 25 of the current year, where Julio A. Torres used physical force and caused damage to the cell phone of his former consensual partner.

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