April 19, 2021

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Man dies after being hit by truck driven by apparent drunk driver

An employee of a recycling company died this afternoon in Cabo Rojo after being run over by the truck that his partner was driving who was apparently intoxicated, the police reported.

According to the Uniformed report, the events they reported around 4:15 pm on the PR-103 highway, kilometer 2.7 of the mentioned municipality when Raúl Armando Lugo Castillo was driving a truck of a recycling company in apparent intoxication and one of the passengers, identified as Efraín Marquez Ujaque, 49, who was not in the cabin , slipped from the truck, fell on the pavement and was run over by the rear tires of the vehicle, killing him on the spot.

Lugo Castillo refused to carry out the breath alcohol test, for which he was placed under arrest.

Agent Santos Martell, attached to the Mayagüez Highway and Patrols Division, together with prosecutor Pablo Colón, are investigating the facts.

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