March 4, 2021

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Man dies after traffic accident in Guánica

Guánica – A man died in a crash at around 11:15 pm yesterday, Saturday, on Main Street in the La Laguna neighborhood in Guánica, the Police reported today.

According to Sergeant José Vélez, Supervisor of the Ponce Highway Patrol Division, agent Josué Torres Cintrón investigated the incident and found that while Omar Báez Almodóvar, 41, of Sabana Grande, was driving a 1994 Toyota Tercel vehicle, he apparently suffered a health problem.

Báez Almodóvar lost control of the vehicle, which fell into a ditch. He was transported by paramedics from the State Medical Emergencies to the Yauco Hospital, where his death was certified.

Prosecutor Ernesto Quesada was informed, who ordered the taking of photos and measurements of the place, in addition to the occupation of the vehicle for expert appraisal purposes. The scene was worked by agents Doel Santos from Technical Services and José Alameda from Ponce Highway Patrols.

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