May 15, 2021

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Man in prison who stabbed his ex-partner in Rio Grande

The woman had to be referred to the Río Piedras Medical Center in delicate condition.

photo: Cybernews

RIO GRANDE – Municipal police investigated an incident of gender violence, reported at around 8:54 p.m. last Friday, April 30, where a woman was attacked by her ex-partner with a sharp pointed weapon, in Rio Grande.

According to the police report, the victim alleged to the authorities his ex-partner, Juan Márquez Rivera, 35, stabbed him and punched and kicked him in different parts of his body. The injured woman was transported to the Rio Grande Diagnosis and Treatment Center (CDT) where she was diagnosed with multiple open wounds and bruises. Later, the woman had to be referred to the Río Piedras Medical Center in a delicate condition.

It should be noted, that arises from the complaint, that the aggressor cut off a shackle, which he had for another previous case, before committing the attack at the victim’s residence.

The aggressor was arrested by Municipal Police of Carolina, attached to the Strategic Operations Section (SOE), and brought before Judge Vanesa Dávila, of the Fajardo Court, who found cause for arrest on charges of domestic violence and weapons law, pointing out a Bail of 650 thousand dollars, which he did not pay when he was admitted to the Bayamón Prison.

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