April 11, 2021

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Man starts painting Normandie after proposal to demolish it

Last night, a man began to paint the Normandie hotel in San Juan after announcing the proposal of representative Ángel Matos to expropriate and demolish the old inn.

Luis Alberto Maldonado Ruel, published an extensive message on his Facebook account accompanied by several photos of the work he did in the installation.

“I risked my life but I did it with God’s help !!!!! Because???? Well, because today I received the saddest news !!! That my Beloved Hotel Normandie an idiotic senator (representative), lacking in knowledge of art, incompetent named Angel Matos… .. suggested to the tourism department that they demolish Normandie because it hinders humanity !!!! ”, reads part of his publication .

Maldonado Ruel, explained that he could only paint almost all the graffiti that had been made on the exterior walls and asked for help to remodel the structure

“We need more painting and daring people who love art who want to help at least make it beautiful!”.

“Help that you can give me will be appreciated !! Materials (for painting and cream paint) We are going to unite to avoid losing our historical places !!!”, added the citizen.

Given the deterioration of the Hotel Normandie in San Juan, representative Ángel Matos García reported yesterday that he presented a measure for the Tourism Office of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce to begin the expropriation and demolition of the old inn.

“Eight years have passed after the last attempt to sell and remodel this iconic structure that today disfigures a tourist area of ​​value and importance for the economy of Puerto Rico. The demands of modern tourism and the trends of the new traveler have hampered the sale of this hotel and move us to seek new forms of sustainable tourism development in accordance with the expectations of visitors, “said the popular legislator in written statements.

Matos García stressed that the hotel “has become a public nuisance that threatens the security” of citizens and visitors in Old San Juan.

“It is imperative that an expropriation process be started immediately in order to find the best alternatives for tourist and economic development for the general benefit of the people of Puerto Rico,” he added.

The Normandie Hotel opened its doors on October 10, 1942 and was one of the few luxury hotels that existed on the Island at that time. There, social and political activities were carried out that made this building one of great historical and sentimental value for several generations of Puerto Ricans. The structure has remained in disrepair for years.

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