December 1, 2020

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Man wanted for murder found dead

Photo: Cybernews

ISABELLA – A man identified by the authorities as the person who murdered a citizen with machetes on Saturday night in Quebradillas was found dead on Sunday afternoon in Isabela, the police revealed.

The person was identified as Jorge Soler Montero, 60, from Quebradillas.

Soler Montero was wanted by the police since Saturday night, when he killed Santos Concepción Pérez, 73, with machetes, when he arrived at his residence. The witness to the homicide is the wife of Concepción Pérez.

Soler Montero worked in the Mundo Real quarry in the Arenales Alto neighborhood of Isabela, where he was found hanged. The Toyota Corolla car he was driving was at the scene.

Soler Montero’s body was sent to the Institute of Forensic Sciences to confirm the cause of death.

The Aguadilla Homicide agent Ángel Morales Acevedo, together with the prosecutor Héctor Crespo Correa, are in charge of the investigation, together with the Homicide agent Franck Morales Cruz and the Arecibo prosecutor Rafael Freytes.

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