March 1, 2021

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Man who was wounded by gunshot dies in Mayagüez

photo: Supplied

MAYAGÜEZ – A man who was wounded by a bullet in the back this morning at the Residencial Candelaria in Mayagüez was taken to the Medical Center of that city, where it was determined that he had died, the police reported.

The person was identified as Ángel Jamil Vélez Carrasquillo, 24, who lived in Residencial Candelaria.

Vélez Carrasquillo was taken to the hospital in a car that was later found burned on Highway 105, kilometer 6.5 of the Limón neighborhood in Mayagüez.

Homicide and Technical Services personnel worked the scene with the prosecutor on duty. Citizens are encouraged to have information to help clarify cases, please call (787) 832-9696, the confidential line of the Police at 787-343-2020, or the BASTA YA smartphone application. or through Twitter at @PRPDNoticias and on Facebook www.facebook / prpdgov.

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