February 26, 2021

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Man wounded by gunshot in Mayagüez

He suffered three gunshot wounds, one of them to the neck

Photo: EFE / FOTOTECA / Pablo Nazario

Mayaguez – The Police reported on Monday that a case was received about a person wounded by a bullet on Enrique Vázquez Báez Street, in front of the Mayagüez Municipal Barracks.

According to the police report, he was left in the aforementioned place and before medical emergencies arrived, he fled the place.

The Uniformed Police specified that later Christopher Vélez González, 41, was transported to the Mayagüez Medical Center by a relative where he was treated by Dr. Luis Trujillo who diagnosed three gunshot wounds, one of them in the neck with no way out and remains in good condition. stable.

Agent Medina from Technical Services worked the scene and the case was referred to personnel from the Mayagüez Homicide Division.

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