July 24, 2021

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Manatee cub rescued in Arroyo coast | PRESENT

The Manatee Conservation Center yesterday received a manatee cub rescued on the beaches of the town of Arroyo, reported Dr. Antonio Mignucci, director of the center.

The 64-pound male cub was found stranded alone, on the shore of the Old Lighthouse near the Punta Guilarte spa.

The cub is about a week old and is in critical condition due to tachycardia, high blood pressure and dehydration, Mignucci detailed.

The small marine mammal was found by Sergeant Walter Berrios and agent Angel Morelles of the Arroyo municipal police. "Upon finding the manatee, officials alerted our center and we immediately contacted the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources to proceed with the rescue," said Mignucci.

The manatee baby was transported to the rehabilitation facilities of the Center located in the Bayamón campus of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

The also professor of marine sciences at the aforementioned university, indicated that veterinarians Lesly Cabrias and Antonio Rivera are in charge of the manatee, providing the pertinent treatments for this type of case.

For his part, the Mayor of Arroyo, Eric Bachier Roman, congratulated the two municipal police officers for having promptly rescued and transported the sireni to a midpoint of meeting with the center's rescue personnel.

While in intensive care, the manatee will remain alone in a pool and after stabilizing it is expected to share ponds with the s Loíza manatees rescued last December in Loíza and Taicaraya rescued in May this year in Luquillo.

If you want to support manatee conservation efforts, you can do so via mobile ATH, Pay a business, under the CentroDeManaties or PayPal http://manatipr.org/donativos/

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