July 29, 2021

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Manuel Natal has an advantage for San Juan

CEE photocapture

San Juan – The mayoral candidate for the Citizen Victory Movement (MVC), Manuel Natal Albelo for the first time obtains an advantage at the edge of 12:00 midnight on Wednesday, according to data from the State Elections Commission (CEE).

According to the data, Natal Albelo with 31,117 votes leads Miguel Romero with 31,051 votes.

The other candidates, Rossana López (PPD) 19,548, Adrián González 2,817 votes and Nelson Rosario (PD) with 2,574 votes.

At around 7:00 in the morning, Manuel Natal leads with 39,839 votes while Miguel Romero has 39,410 votes, followed by Rossana López with 25,007 votes, Adrián González with 3,662 and finally Nelson Rosario with 3,553 votes.

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