June 25, 2021

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MAPR visual log | Stage

Starting next Wednesday, July 1 and until June 30, 2021, the local and international audience will be able to enjoy a compendium of the more than one hundred exhibitions, which the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR ) has carried out in these two decades since its foundation, starting from selection blocks of every 20, including the 20 most outstanding catalogs, the 20 educational, cultural, social activities, shows, memories and so on.

“We begin the celebration of the 20th anniversary with a site developed on the institutional website that will be known as 'Los 20 del MAPR'. The museum that has served more than two million visitors through its artistic, educational and social mission, will present each step in this chronicle of successes that has been possible thanks to the support of our visitors, partners, collaborators, collectors, donors, sponsors and friends. Through the tour of these two decades, we will highlight his valuable contributions to the MAPR and, thus, to the history of art in Puerto Rico, as a contribution to universal culture, "said Marta Mabel Pérez, executive director of the institution. [19659003] MAPR web ” class=”img-responsive lazyload full default” width=”1876″ height=”698″ data- data-/>

This is how the special site will look like. > Supplied

From the first exhibitions, even without architecturally developing this venue, these were held within the walls and on the parts of the old municipal hospital of Santurce, rescued with avant-garde exhibitions with the most outstanding artists of that time, which today They are masters of the Puerto Rican plastic vision and the museum as a banner of the cultural heritage of the Puerto Rican people.

In the meantime, and with more than 1,300 works in its collection, as a leading institution in the preservation and dissemination of Puerto Rican art, it is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution, and is part of the Association of Directors of Art Museums (AAMD).

“We are working in an interdepartmental group at the creative level, and with the Department Communications that collects that input. We want to celebrate who we are and thank all the people who have supported us with work and a lot of passion such as the artists, collaborators, foundations, our partners, volunteers and the companies that have enabled us to achieve these goals. There are also cultural professionals at their intellectual level, past and present, interns and a team of many contributions and commitment. Without an ideal team and collective work, there is no project, "said the director and curator to EL VOCERO .

Among the 20 topics that are anthologized on the website and will be presented every two weeks and media, are the history of MAPR as a museum, the memory of events, labor services, the most outstanding museum conservation projects, the architectural space and collaborative projects, among many others.

“The 20 themes multiplied by the most Featured, they blend together to show a very lively, very active page. Everything will be recorded because it is the documentation of the past 20 years. It is an approach to celebrate those who know the museum; as well as those who do not know it and come to the museum. This is a national and international visual log for all audiences through the networks to learn about the Puerto Rico culture project, which is the Museum of Art of Puerto Rico, "summarized the artist and photographer.

To enjoy the new offer, go to mapr.org and press from the 1st. of July on the icon of the twentieth anniversary.

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