June 15, 2021

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Maritime conditions on most of the island’s coasts are deteriorated

He National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan warned this morning that maritime conditions are dangerous on the north coast of the island due to a storm surge that is producing waves of between seven and eight feet high.

The meteorologist Cecille Villanueva indicated, in an interview with The new day, which during the night and tomorrow should improve maritime conditions. Until then, there are several advisories in effect to prevent emergencies at sea.

“We have several warnings for waves reaching up to seven feet: there is a high risk of ocean currents, a warning for small boat operators and strong undertows”, detailed the expert by telephone.

The weather forecast issued by the meteorological agency shows a high risk of ocean currents in the north, while in the east and southwest the risk is moderate.

Map showing the risks of marine currents around the coast of Puerto Rico. (NWS)

However, while the forecast anticipates an improvement on Mars starting tonight, another deterioration in conditions is projected for the weekend that could be more dangerous than the current pattern.

“Despite the fact that between today and tomorrow the sea conditions will improve, this weekend comes another storm surge stronger than this one. It will be caused by a low pressure system that will leave the east coast of the United States “, Villanueva anticipated.

On the other hand, the meteorologist affirmed that the weather conditions this Wednesday will be relatively stable with a very low probability of rain.

“We are under the influence of a high pressure system and a dry air mass is dominating. What we could see are isolated downpours in the west quadrant of the island, nothing significant, “the expert highlighted.

He added, in turn, that tonight should be colder than yesterday and the day before because the dry air mass will continue to limit the formation of cloudiness and fresh winds from the north will arrive, factors that will promote a drop in temperatures. .

“Today temperatures may rise during the day, but the wind will be mild to moderate and will alleviate any sensation of heat. At night we can expect colder temperatures ”, he added.

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