January 15, 2021

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Massacre in Ponce urbanization is associated with drug trafficking

The tranquility of the Glenview Gardens community of Ponce, a city that this year maintained a relative decline in some criminal crimes, was marred Friday night with a massacre that left four dead and two injured, a violent incident that the Police attribute to the fight for the control of drug points.

According to the preliminary investigation of the Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC), an exchange of fire between two sides led to the murders of Robert Marcucci Blanco (23), Abraham Torres Serrano (24), Yiovani Rivera Rodríguez (40) and Joshua Fonseca Rivera, a child under the age of 17, a Connecticut resident.

According to the director of the CIC in Ponce, Captain Joel Rosado Ramos, he was visiting Puerto Rico with his brother Christian Fonseca Rivera (25), who was injured in the shooting.

The captain reported that he has a criminal record for controlled substances and drug trafficking in the United States. In the skirmish, Jonathan Rodríguez Collazo (24), who is being held at the Medical Center, in Río Piedras, was also injured in a delicate condition.

The authorities were alerted to the shooting at 9:10 pm on Friday and, when they arrived at the scene, they found two bodies in the area of ​​the communal center square -which is located behind the court-, and another body about 100 feet away, in a green area. One of the deceased had a firearm between his legs, according to the Uniformed.

The CIC director told Primera Hora that the preliminary investigation shows that the Fonseca Rivera brothers reside in Connectticut and that they knew Rodríguez Collazo, a resident of Glenview Gardens. The brothers, said the agent, were spending the night in Bayamón and on the night of the events they traveled to Ponce to watch a Lakers basketball game.

The captain narrated that in addition to Rodríguez Ramos, one of the deceased, Yiovanni Rivera Rodríguez, also resided in Glenview, while the other two deceased, Marcucci Blanco and Torres Serrano, lived in the Riviera de Bucaná residential complex, close to the urbanization located in the outskirts of Ponce, near the PR-10.

“Glenview neighbors themselves talk that this is a very quiet place, but these people came there to operate a point. The others live nearby in the development and they have another point there, ”said Rosado Ramos.

The agent indicated that Marcucci Blanco was a police investigation card as a suspect of several crimes and that last Thursday he was summoned to the Ponce Command. “We have been behind him for a long time, even on several occasions we had tried to intervene and he had escaped us. On Thursday we were able to summon him, he went to his lawyer and defended himself in his right not to testify regarding the death of an 11-year-old boy, who died in a shooting on San Tomás street, on the beach in Ponce. He was a suspect in several crimes, “said the policeman.

He said that at the scene in Glenview, Marcucci Blanco was seized by a pistol with a magazine extended already fired. “I had a bundle with more magazines full of bullets and others already shot. He had a face with a mask and had a hudi (hooded coat, ”he described.

Captain Rosado Ramos said that the agents assigned to the case worked overnight and early in the morning at the scene along with three prosecutors, including the Ponce district attorney and staff from the Bureau of Forensic Sciences, until the order was issued. lifting of the corpses. He explained that at the scene the investigators occupied casings of various calibers of small arms. Agent Rafael Rivera of the Ponce Homicide Division worked the case together with prosecutor Alberto Flores.

“We completed the preliminary investigation at the scene around 8:00 am today. At this time, we are still working and gathering information from potential witnesses and other rigorous information to establish if there were other people at the scene. There are two compact vehicles occupied, they are going to raid. We understand that they may have firearms, ”he said.

He said that they also occupied a bus, but it belongs to a person who was helping and determined that “there was nothing illegal inside.”

For his part, the commander of the Ponce police area, Lieutenant Colonel Carlos Cruz Burgos, said that both in Glenview and in the Rivera de Bucaná residential property, a mobile barracks were established in coordination with the Ponce Municipal Police.

“We established a fixed surveillance plan with two mobile barracks at night, combined with patrolling the sector and an intervention plan with investigation cards,” said the officer.

“Part of the plan is to avoid a revenge response and we also want to have that fixed surveillance to avoid violent incidents. We cannot rule out other incidents of violence. I cannot say that there is a war, but by this group trying to raise a point there we understand what caused this incident, ”he said.

“I have to make a call to these communities that are calm that when they see something that is not normal in these recreational areas, that they see groups that go at night, this can be a sign and that they call us confidentially,” he added the lieutenant colonel.

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