January 18, 2021

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Mayagüezanos live a harsh reality after floods caused by Isaías

Mayagüez. Marta Ortiz could not bear her emotions when she remembered what happened to her house, in the Brisas de Río Hondo urbanization during the floods caused by the Isaías storm.

In a broken voice, she described the harsh reality that she lives after the ravine Río Hondo will flood his residence and that of dozens of families living in the Brisas urbanization, who suffered the same fate.

“I am not asking. I like to help people. But right now, I need help to be able to recover and start from scratch to move on, "” Ortiz said with teary eyes.

His house still exhibited the material losses he suffered after the emergency: a totally useless fridge, a full matress water, living room, dining room and kitchen furniture. Iodine filled with water and mud.

“I lost everything. Nothing works. I need everything. Clothes, food, washing machine, dryer, fridge, everything. I lost all the food, "he added tearfully.

Two houses before his residence, on the same Oasis street, Fremiot Rodríguez recalled the odyssey that he lived through in the midst of the emergency.

" I had my mother-in-law in bed. The water was already reaching the matress and I had to call a brigade of boys to help me get it out because I already had four feet of water in the house, "he recalled.

Little by little, families tried to save the few on Friday belongings that were not affected by the water, but could barely rescue. Mayagüez was one of the most affected areas during the emergency, due to the flooding of rivers and streams in the area that affected hundreds of families in the West region.

“I do not understand why this happened. The river does not flow here. The blow was very strong and too fast. My wife told me that the river was running out. When I looked for the keys and put on my shoes, in a matter of two minutes, when I left, I said: forget it. We can not go out. He was going so fast that he started to tear the pitch. The speed was incredible. Whoever jumped, took it, "recalled Eddie Bonilla, a resident of Senderos del Valle.

" We couldn't get out. It was very fast. The gates were sealed with the force of the river and there was no escape. Maria passed through here and this was not flooded. That is why we did not leave, because this area is not floodable, "added his wife, Ana Cuevas.

Other communities that suffered damage in the Mayagüez area were Buenaventura, Valle Hermoso, Terrace and Sábalo, among others.

Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced came to these communities, who, together with the mayor, José Guillermo Rodríguez, and a group of agency heads, saw first-hand the devastation caused by the floods and promised to work with the municipal administration and the Agency Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), to look for alternatives to help the victims.

The governor began her journey at the Balboa Bridge, one of the points where the Yagüez River usually leaves its channel and affect that region. He then visited some of those affected in the Quebrada Arenas neighborhood, before going through the Senderos del Valle and Brisas de Río Hondo urbanizations.

“It is very sad, indeed. Above all, how all these people were surprised because this had never happened, "said Vázquez Garced.

" We must thank God that they are alive because the situations in which they were involved, clothed by the river and where they did not They had an exit, fortunately they are alive. That is why we are here with different heads of agencies to reach out to them, "he said.

Likewise, the mayor of Mayagüezano expressed the need to clean up the cause of the Yagüez river, Guanajibo and other water currents in the city that they represent a danger to residents and merchants of the city.

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