June 12, 2021

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Mayor-elect of San Juan appoints his team for Economic Development, Housing and Infrastructure

“I put my trust in them because I count on their dedication to give their best for all San Juan people,” the mayor-elect said at a press conference.

photo: Cybernews

SAN JUAN – The mayor-elect of the municipality of San Juan, Miguel Romero Lugo, announced on Wednesday, several appointments to the directive chairs of his work team within the Capital City, with whom he expressed having to carry out a titanic work that contributes to development Township.

“Together with this work team, we feel prepared to meet the goals we have to make our capital a city that shines with its own light. We have a group of men and women with extensive experience in the offices within which they will excel. I put my trust in them because I count on their dedication to give their best for all San Juan people, “said the mayor-elect at a press conference.

As part of the appointments, Romero Lugo announced the appointment of Ricardo de la Cruz as director of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

De la Cruz holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Economics from the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico; and a master’s degree in International Administration from the Universidad Interamericana.

As part of his recent experience, De la Cruz served as implementation director of the Financial Advisory Authority and Fiscal Agency (AAFAF), where he led and coordinated the implementation and compliance of all government agencies with the certified fiscal plan of the Board. of Fiscal Supervision, among other functions.

De la Cruz also served as deputy director of the Trade and Export Company and was in charge of the implementation of all entrepreneurship and export initiatives of small and medium-sized companies under the Puerto Rico Emprende program.

On the other hand, Romero Lugo reported the appointment of José Javier Hernández to the chair of the head of the municipal Housing Department.

Hernández has vast experience working in the state Housing Financing Authority (AFV) and his current work is focused on supervising the Single Family area, which includes the division of loans, subsidies and real estate, among others.

The designee has also worked with policies and procedures of the single family sector; with the CDBG-DR Buyer Assistance Program; and has also managed the budget, staff, schedule, and facilities to support AFV’s organizational goals.

Hernández is a licensed real estate broker with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting as well as a Master’s Degree in Information Systems, both from the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico.

Meanwhile, the capital’s chief executive informed that Ricardo del Rosario will act as Deputy Administrator of Operations and Engineering for the Municipality of San Juan.

Rosario is an engineering graduate from the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and has 22 years of experience in both engineering and management. In addition, he has worked in the Municipality of San Juan as director of Urban Design and Project Development; and was in charge of all the infrastructure projects of the Municipality.

Rosario worked in his private profession as a project manager and inspector and has experience in technologies to improve customer service processes.

Meanwhile, Víctor Joglar was selected by Romero Lugo to direct the San Juan Permit Office.

The newly appointed currently works in the Municipality of Bayamón as director of the Permits Office of the town hall.

Joglar has vast technical and administrative experience in the public and private sectors, as well as in environmental and permitting laws and regulations; In addition, he has stood out as an experienced negotiator in construction problems. The official has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the Mayagüez Campus of the University of Puerto Rico and a juris doctor from the Interamerican University.

On the other hand, the elected mayor reported that Tamara González Rivera will be in charge of the Planning and Land Management Office.

González Rivera — current director of Cidra’s Office of Land Management and Planning — has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from the University of Puerto Rico; as well as a master’s degree in Environmental Planning from the Metropolitan University. The newly appointed is a licensed planner with more than 25 years of experience and a member of the Puerto Rican Planning Society. In addition, he has worked in strategic planning developments in the urban, legal and environmental framework on projects of social interest and residential projects; as well as the commercial, industrial, institutional, tourist, agricultural and renewable energy sectors, among others.

González Rivera also worked on the damage inventory of Cidra after the passage of Hurricane María and is the representative of the municipality for permanent works with FEMA and COR3, which also includes knowledge in the field of federal affairs

Finally, Romero Lugo appointed María Reina Cintrón to direct the Department of Urban Design of Projects.

Cintrón is a licensed architect and her experience includes work in the Guaynabo Municipal Office and in the state Agency for the Financing of Infrastructure (AFI). The official supervised the Permits Office of the Municipality of Guaynabo to comply with the public policy of the city council; she served as assistant secretary of the state Permit Management Office; and worked as administrator and coordinator of AFI projects.

“We thank each of these citizens for their commitment to the Municipality of San Juan so that our Capital can develop all the potential that we know it has. The fruits of their work will be of benefit both to the residents of the municipality and to those who visit us ”, concluded Romero Lugo.

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