April 11, 2021

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Mayor of Adjuntas assures is false allegation on the part of employee

The mayor of Adjuntas, Jaime Barlucea reacted today to the complaint filed against him by a municipal employee, noting that the accusation is false, while expressing surprise .

“Nothing is further from reality and the complaint surprises me. Yesterday, the day the events occurred, I was together with municipal employees attending to the emergency caused by the impact of the heavy rains. I never saw this man . I did not threaten him, I did not speak to him and I never had any encounter with this person these days, "said Barlucea.

He noted that" the accusation is false and is made by the same person who a few years ago tied up in the town hall balcony and threatened to launch from the second floor. Several years later, he resorted to interrupting an official message and the police had to intervene. "

" It is very regrettable that they resort to this type of defamation at this time. The course of the investigation will speak for me and show that this person has a percussion pattern against me and only acts driven by the primary on August 9 and for political reasons, "said the mayor. [19659005]

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