June 15, 2021

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Mayor of Arecibo announces that Paseo Víctor Rojas is in “optimal conditions”

The mayor of Arecibo, Carlos “Tito” Ramírez announced yesterday, Friday, that the Paseo Víctor Rojas has electricity after the purchase of some pieces by the Municipal Administration.

According to Telenoticias, Ramírez published an invoice from a local hardware store which showed that the pieces only cost $ 33.40

“Our Paseo Victor Rojas” La Marginal “is already in optimal conditions. The municipal legislator Ing. Carmen Quintana followed up on the work of the Electric Power Authority and the private company to energize our marginal. Additionally, the Municipal Administration bought some pieces to be able to carry out this work “, commented the mayor in his Facebook account.

However, the cost of hiring the private company was not published, Telenoticias reported.

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