April 17, 2021

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Mayor of Arecibo will request that this municipality be declared a disaster zone

So far there has been one death due to the floods on Sunday


San Juan – The mayor of Arecibo, Carlos Molina Rodríguez, indicated this Monday that he will request the governor that that municipality be declared a disaster area because of the damage suffered by the floods on Sunday, which caused one death.

“This morning I will be submitting to the governor (Wanda Vázquez Garced) part of the damages so that she declares this area a disaster zone,” said Molina Rodríguez in an interview on Pegaos en la Mañana on Radio Isla with Julio Rivera Saniel.

“We know that the rains are going to come and people can move cars that are in low areas, move them and go to a relative’s house. Protect and lift areas. What happens is that this caught us by surprise, ”explained Molina Rodríguez when speaking of the copious downpours that fell on Sunday in Arecibo, Camuy and Hatillo, which led the National Meteorological Service to issue a flash flood warning for those towns for several hours on Sunday.

A man drowned on Sunday night when his vehicle was swept away by a rush of water caused by heavy rains.

That incident was on highway 2 kilometer 80.3 inland, in the San Daniel neighborhood, Las Canelas sector, in Arecibo.

The drowned person was identified as Efraín Cintrón González, 77, of Arecibo.

“He was a person from the area, he tried to cross it (the highway) and the water hit him,” said Molina Rodríguez in the radio interview.

“For everyone, the most important thing should be the safety and protection of their lives, so the most important thing at this time is that if your house is outside the flood areas, stay in it and do not go out until it is emergency has passed, “said the mayor.

“Anyone in a hazardous area should contact the emergency numbers 787-680-0006, 787-900-6703 and 787-882-4753 to request assistance from our trained staff. It is important that this action be done before considering any risk, ”reiterated Molina Rodríguez, adding that he requested the assistance of the National Guard to expedite the assistance.

The mayor added that the municipality of Arecibo is already preparing the Manuel Petaca Iguina Coliseum premises to receive families who, after calling the emergency authorities, identify themselves as residents in flooded areas or at risk of flooding.

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