March 1, 2021

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Mayor of Caguas tests negative for COVID-19

The mayor of Caguas, William Miranda Torres, announced that he had a negative result to the coronavirus test (COVID-19) that had been done after learning of the alleged positive result of a person who participated in a work meeting where he was present.

“I am pleased to communicate to the people of Cagüeños and the country that the molecular test I did gave me a negative result for coronavirus. I have complied with the preventive measures and I responsibly isolated myself and took the corresponding test to clear up any doubts about the presence of the virus in my body, ”said the mayor.

Miranda Torres explained “that the Municipal Contagion Investigation, Tracking and Control System investigated the alleged positive case of the person who participated in a working meeting last Friday, October 2. It was concluded that the person had a probable positive test result. As a precautionary measure, the person underwent a molecular test on Monday, October 5, which was negative. I was kept in a preventive quarantine until five days after contact. Today, October 7, I performed a molecular test that gave a negative result ”.

The first municipal executive emphasized that people with symptoms should not leave their homes and should not participate in work activities or of any other kind that put the health of other people at risk. The symptoms to watch out for are: fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Likewise, he pointed out that the confidential telephone line of the Center for Tracking and Control of Contagion Covid-19 of the Creole Positive Support Program is on 787-296-9292.

The services available under the Positive Creole Support Program include a case investigation and contact tracing system, educational intervention and delivery of protective materials in the community, psychological services, nutrition, delivery of supplies to prevent people from leaving the home, referrals to telemedicine, referrals to COVID-19 tests, health education with the collaboration of the SANOS Corporation, counseling and thanatology services. The phone line is available Monday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Email is also available [email protected]

The requirements to obtain the services of the ProyectoApoyo Positivo Criollo are: be a resident of Caguas, have been at risk of contracting COVID-19 infection and have evidence of a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19 for the food delivery service.

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