July 29, 2021

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Mayor of Guayanilla undergoes molecular test after positive for "Conny" Varela

The mayor of Guayanilla, Nelson Torres Yordán announced today, Friday, through his social networks that the molecular test was performed after the positive result for the coronavirus COVID-19 of the representative José "Conny" Varela.

The guayanillense president said that yesterday he participated in a press conference where the popular legislator was. "After coming in knowledge of the positive result to Covid-19 of the representative José “Conny” Varela with whom I participated yesterday in a press conference at the headquarters of the Partido Popula r, I contacted the Monitoring Program of our municipality to coordinate perform the molecular test, "Torres Yordán said through statements in his social accounts.

He also stated that he will be informing the people with whom he had contact in the last 24 hours .

" No However already I am notifying those people with whom I was in contact and I will be in isolation the required days . At he present no symptoms of the virus and I am aware of having taken the required measures of mask use and constant hand disinfection during the event that participated with the representative. "

The mayor added that: " I call on all people who have been tested not to participate in events until I have the results. Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I trust that we will be well. "

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