June 19, 2021

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Mayor of Humacao decrees five days of mourning for the death of Gallo Salsero, Tito Rojas

HUMACAO – The mayor of Humacao, Luis Raúl Sánchez Hernández decreed 5 days of mourning, starting today, December 26, 2020, for the death of the one who was the Gallo Salsero in life, as he was affectionately known in Humacao and in the world whole, Tito Rojas.

“I contacted a family spokesperson to offer and make available the facilities of the Marcelo Trujillo Panisse Coliseum for the wake of our friend and Humacaeño Tito Rojas. If something distinguished Tito Rojas besides his voice, it was his humility and commitment to the Humacaeña community. We could always see him, get close to him, he was a very simple man. Today we lose a son of Humacao who put our city on high, a legend of Salsa inside and outside of Puerto Rico. Humacao is indebted to him, our eternal Gallo Salsero. My condolences and respect for his family, may he rest in peace ”expressed the mayor of Humacao.

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