June 14, 2021

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Mayor of Juana Díaz presents Strategic Plan for Comprehensive Development of the City

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JUANA DÍAZ – During today -Tuesday- the Mayor of Juana Díaz, Ramón Hernández Torres, presented to Senators, Representatives and the Municipal Administration his Strategic Plan for the Comprehensive Development of the City, which he called Juana Díaz, Vision and Future.

As the Mayor explained in his presentation, it is “a plan that we have adjusted to the reality we face, to the needs that have arisen after the impact of Hurricane Maria and the seismic sequence that have affected the City.”

The plan considers the redefinition of priorities both in the government vision of direct service to fellow citizens as well as in the role of managers of social and economic development in the Town.

“Juana Díaz, Vision and Future, it is based on the identification and analysis of the fiscal and human resources that the Municipality has and the valuation of the geographical location of the City, the territorial extension and the infrastructure currently developed ”, explained Hernández.

The Mayor seeks in this four-year period to project Juana Díaz as an Advanced City, attractive for the interest of investors and for those who aspire to live and establish their family in a place that provides a better quality of life.

“Juana Díaz has a privileged location; next to the highway, minutes from the Mercedita Airport and the Megaport in Ponce; with direct and fast routes to San Juan, Mayagüez and Arecibo ”, he highlighted in the presentation of the meeting.

The plan considers 11 projects as priorities, which it has been able to identify through direct contact through meetings in the communities and dialogue with fellow citizens who visit the Mayor’s Office daily.

Among them are: the South Cambodia Coastal Walk; the Athletic Track; the Puente Vado Sector Pastillito Prieto; the Raúl Torres Park; the Integrated Center for Emergency Management and Public Safety; the José E. Rodríguez Parcel Complex; the Mayor’s House; the Market Square; the Jacaguas Ball Park; the restoration of municipal streets adjacent to rivers, Aguilita Community Sectors and Bayoán Sector; and the Puente ford intersection PR-580.

The Mayor informed that these are part of the priority projects that were included in the Report submitted for the consideration of the Puerto Rico Reconstruction Council chaired by the Secretary of State, Hon. Larry Seilhamer.

As indicated, at the moment they have obligated in favor of the Municipality about $ 50 million dollars through the allocation of funds from different federal programs for various projects in all communities.

As additional projects within the Comprehensive Development Plan of the City, he mentioned: the Removal of sedimentation in Lake Guayabal; Sidewalks and Curbs in: Cristina Community, Guayabal Parcels and Pastillo Community; Relocation of Postal Mail; the Lago Horizonte and Olla Honda Sanitary Systems; and Improvements to the PR-149 and PR-14 intersection.

Likewise, he mentioned that another area of ​​high interest for his Administration is the conditioning, maintenance and improvements to state highways within the jurisdiction of the City.

On the other hand, Hernández stressed that the development of Megapuerto and the Merceditas Airport is important to him, since they contribute to the economic growth of the area. “This server is committed to carrying out this project because we are convinced that it represents a valuable tool to boost the economy of Puerto Rico,” said the Mayor.

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