April 20, 2021

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Mayor of Loíza to the citizenship: “it is a matter of life or death”

The mayor of Loíza, Julia Nazario Fuentes, reacted with surprise to the large number of people who have crowded the beaches and areas for the sale of food and beverages without taking due health precautions in the face of the dramatic increase in positive cases for Covid- 19.

“There is tremendous insensitivity, every day we see the increase in infections, there is a new Executive Order in force, but I feel, and I say it with great pain, that people are insensitive to a deadly disease such as Covid -19 ”, he assured through written statements. Nazario Fuentes received this afternoon the reports of the security components that he directs (Municipal Police and Municipal Emergency Management) and multiple cases of entire families and groups on the beach were reported, challenging the security provisions.

“In the case of restaurants and so-called chinchorros, I know, because we have met on several occasions, that businesses are fighting to comply with the law and do not have to close, but I understand that there must be two things : a clearer distinction between what are restaurants and the so-called chinchorros and that the Police effectively exercise their functions. First, there are businesses named in their permits as ‘kiosk-cafetín’, and you have to clearly define that, which ones open, hours, etc. Second, to the extent that people perceive that the law applies to them, that in effect they are fined, they will follow the example. ”

The mayor of Loíceña is clear that the state police force is limited by the number of officers who are sheltered in their forties which is estimated at about 300, but insists that resources such as those offered by the municipal police.

Finally, Nazario Fuentes will be attentive to the press conference that Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced will offer tomorrow Monday at 10:30 a.m. "My recommendation remains, that it make effective use of us mayors, we are 78 in total and we are all making great efforts to educate the population and stop the pandemic. But the execution of the Executive Order must be reinforced, literally this is a matter of life and death, "he concluded.

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