April 11, 2021

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Mayor of Patillas seeks to eradicate gender violence with community movement

The mayor of Patillas, Maritza Sánchez, announced this Sunday that she seeks to eradicate gender violence by joining the community movement “Basta ya” of the organization Mi Isla PR

“As a woman and mayor, I will use all my resources to eradicate gender violence. I will raise my voice and promote permanent education and prevention activities and will integrate other resources to combat this evil. It is irrational that, last year, 5,517 women were victims of domestic violence according to the statistics of the Domestic Violence Division of the Puerto Rico Police, ”said Sánchez.

The “Basta Ya” caravan will take place on Monday, March 8, starting at 9:00 am from the Max Sánchez Coliseum in Arroyo and the route will continue through the town of Patillas until it reaches the La Palma de Arroyo community.

“This initiative is one of many that we will be supporting and carrying out to raise our voices with the aim of creating awareness in people about the importance of eradicating gender violence,” the mayor said through a press release.

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