June 12, 2021

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Mayor of Ponce says she went on vacation, did not resign her position

The Mayor of Ponce, Maria “Mayita” Melendez Altieri, clarified that she has not resigned her position and will remain in office until the incoming Mayor Dr. Luis M. Irizarry Pabón is sworn in.

“The staff of the Municipality entered their customary Christmas Recess, last December 18. This servant also took a vacation until December 31. I was presented with the need to extend my vacation until January 10, to attend to some personal situations. For this purpose, as allowed by Law 107, the Municipal Code, designate companion Yolanda Cruz Medina, Administrative Manager, as Interim Mayor, from December 21 to January 10, 2020. This in order to maintain administratively functioning the Municipality and avoid stopping the processes. Even so, I have been complying with commitments already contracted, attending meetings and participating in activities “, explained the Mayor who completed the required documents before the Human Resources Office.

On January 10, the Mayor confirmed that she would hand over the Municipality to the incoming Mayor who assumes responsibility for the City since January 11, 2020.

“All my decisions have been in accordance with existing laws and procedures, and at no time have I failed to comply with my responsibilities,” concluded the Mayor.

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