July 25, 2021

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Mayor of Sabana Grande demands attention from LUMA after seven days without electricity in several communities

The Mayor of Sabana Grande, Marcos Valentín Flores He demanded this Monday the prompt attention from LUMA Energy to energize several communities in the municipality that have been without electricity service for over seven days.

It is very unfortunate that our communities have to sleep or wake up without electricity.. This situation is very constant and keeps the residents of Sabana Grande outraged, “he said. Valentine Flowers in a written statement.

The mayor said that on June 1, 2021 he issued a letter to the technical area of ​​San Germán in order to coordinate an emergency meeting with the personnel in charge of the LUMA Energy Company. “It was received by LUMA staff and is known to the Regional Office in Mayaguez. Yesterday, by means of a telephone call, I expressed to them that I need to proceed immediately, since in our town we did not have severe problems like the ones we have faced in the past few days ”.

Valentine Flowers He stressed that he will not rest “until the people’s claim is addressed. I am hopeful that I will be able to have the collaboration and good faith of the new company to turn on the electricity service to my town and help each of the affected townspeople. We will continue to fight the battle. for Sabana Grande to restore tranquility and services to our people. With God’s help I will fight and we will achieve it. “

Isabela plans to create a municipal corporation to serve as a contractor for LUMA Energy

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