March 9, 2021

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Mayor of San Lorenzo asks the governor to declare a national emergency in the face of a wave of violence against women

The president of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico, José ‘Joe’ Román Abreu, spoke again about the wave of violence against women in Puerto Rico, assuring that “the response to said violence, expressed in its multiple variables, It cannot be limited to the comments presented in the debate of the candidates for governor, to the action of the Ombudsman for Women, or according to him, to the indifference with which government agencies have responded to the claim of feminist organizations from the country.

“Although I remain somewhat removed from the daily affairs of the country, due to the treatment I follow for my health condition, the clamor of the women of our country is too strong for an end to the murders, kidnappings, disappearances and the thousands of incidents of domestic violence that go unpunished in the face of a system that remains impassive in the face of this serious problem, ”said Román Abreu in written statements.

“As President of the Association of Mayors of Puerto Rico, I suggest to the Governor not to wait another minute to declare the situation of sexist violence a national emergency. The police record of 3,434 incidents of domestic violence since the COVID-19 pandemic began is completely intolerable, to which are added the reported kidnappings and disappearances of women that today make up the headlines of the daily press and the media. social, ”said the mayor of San Lorenzo.

“In the same way, our call for affirmative action is extended to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI, for its acronym in English), to the clergy of all our churches, civic institutions, artists and citizens who in the summer of 2019 they called for the resignation of the Governor, so that they break the silence and inaction of these sectors in the face of the situation we are experiencing and the silence and inaction that has accompanied them up to the present. ‘ It is necessary to gather the human and economic resources that are necessary to implement effective programs for the prevention of this gender violence, demand from the justice system the rapid and effective intervention to correct the unsustainable impunity that today prevails in the investigation and prosecution of these cases, as well as developing educational strategies that allow us to transform the macho thinking that prevails in our society today and that violates the right of our women to maintain their physical integrity and live in peace, ”argued Román Abreu.

The mayor also noted that he does not doubt the mayors’ commitment to join in all efforts where they can contribute to eradicate, in the shortest possible time, the attitudes and practices that put the safety and life of Puerto Rican women at high risk.

“Given my condition, I assure you that it does me more harm to remain silent than to express myself in the face of this tragedy that the Puerto Rican people are experiencing,” concluded Román Abreu.

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