August 1, 2021

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Mayor of Toa Alta urges DTOP action before dangerous collapse

The mayor of Toa Alta, Clemente “Chito” Agosto, today asked the Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTOP) for prompt action to resolve a landslide that threatens the safety of drivers traveling on the PR-861 highway, better known as the area of ​​the curves.

“On September 23, I asked the engineer Jaime La Fuente, Arecibo regional director, to attend to this landslide that threatens and endangers the safety of the residents of Township who pass through that area. To this day they have not taken action on this matter and we are greatly concerned as the ground continues to give way and can cause misfortune”, Denounced the mayor in written statements.

Clemente Agosto assured that when the landslide occurred, the Municipal Public Works Office visited the area to remove it, but they were warned that the sediment cannot be removed as it would cause a major landslide.

Letter sent to the Department of Transportation and Public Works by Mayor Clemente “Chito” Agosto.

“As soon as the collapse began, our intention was to remove the earth that fell and broke the road so that the traffic could run freely, but when the Municipal Public Works personnel arrived they informed us that If the dirt on the street is moved, a major landslide can occur since all that sediment is 80 feet high by 50 feet wide on the mountain and specialized equipment is needed to work on the situation.. That’s why we turned to the DTOP and they still haven’t responded to the letter we sent or the constant calls made by the director of Municipal Public Works, ”explained Agosto.

The popular mayor recalled that this highway, one of the main ones in Toa Alta, was closed for more than three months and that he is worried about a new closure.

“This area of ​​the curves was closed for more than three months due to some improvements that had to be made and were made, but this new collapse could cause the road to be closed again and thousands of residents of Townsville who pass through here daily are affected. Our call to the DTOP is that they respond to our call with haste and thus we can prevent the road from closing and a tragedy does not occur, “he said.

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