June 15, 2021

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Mayor of Trujillo Alto will buy 20 buses for public transportation project

Trujillo Alto It will soon have 20 new buses and has already begun the reconstruction of its terminal to meet the transportation needs in the municipality, the mayor announced on Friday Jose Luis Cruz Cruz.

The first municipal executive, who is in his fourth term, assured that public transportation “is a priority” for his administration.

“For this reason, we have already begun the first phase of demolition of the existing structure of the old public car terminal to make way for the construction of a new and modern terminal, at an approximate cost of two million dollars”, he indicated in written statements to the press.

The new building will include a waiting area for transport users and spaces for commercial use.

“Also, we have finally obtained the approval, funds and necessary permits from the concerned agencies for the acquisition of 20 medium-sized buses to provide transportation of public vehicles with an investment of one million dollars”added Cruz Cruz about the TRANS-TA project.

28 security cameras by the municipality

On the other hand, he mentioned that he will create the Trujillan Merchants Association focused mainly on small and medium-sized merchants and young entrepreneurs, in order to stimulate the creation of new “well-paid” jobs.

Regarding security, in addition to the acquisition of patrol cars and motorboats, he assured that The first phase of the Trujillo Alto Ciudad Segura program will soon begin with the installation of 28 high-tech cameras in various parts of the city with the purpose of establishing a security project with virtual surveillance.

Likewise, the mayor indicated that he seeks to restore the municipal scholarship program for high school and university students, as well as reinforce the programs of the School of Arts and Sports.

All the initiatives were announced at the inauguration of Cruz Cruz in which, according to the press release, his family and a “limited group of people” participated for security reasons in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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