April 17, 2021

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Mayor of Vega Alta regrets death of priest Ángel Díaz Cáceres

The mayor of Vega Alta, Oscar 'Can' Santiago Martínez, lamented the death of Father Ángel Díaz Cáceres, who was the leader of the Santa Ana Parish for about 13 years, although in total he served the Catholic Church for more than 40 years.

“Father Ángel was for about a year bedridden by a lung disease and unfortunately he passed away at dawn today, Tuesday. He was 69 years old. Precisely on August 6, he celebrated another year of service as a priest, "the mayor explained in a press release.

Santiago reported that the funeral acts will take place at the Vega Alta Memorial funeral home, located next to the Plaza Caribe Mall shopping center, on the PR-678 highway with the PR-2 highway. “At the moment the details for his burial are being finalized, so that later on, additional data will be offered by telephone (787) 883-4973.

Díaz Cáceres was a professor at the Central University of Bayamón (UCB) and previously he was parish priest in Vega Baja and Utuado, among other towns and communities of Puerto Rico.

For his part, the municipal legislator Miguel Antonio Arroyo Arroyo, a regular collaborator of the parish and friend of the priest, highlighted the deep spirituality of Father Ángel and his extensive cultural and professional training. “I remember that she loved opera music and we will always remember her services to the church and to all her peers,” said Arroyo.

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