November 30, 2020

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Mayor of Villalba requests access to information about travelers

For the past four months the municipality of Villalba put into operation a tracking system that was implemented at the country level. It is worth noting that among the services that this system has offered, there is one that established a traveler registry to provide guidance to citizens, administer tests if necessary and ensure that the period of isolation required by the executive order established by the state government.

Given this scenario, the mayor Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz and his epidemiological team agreed that the areas of greatest focus of contagion or increase in outbreaks of Covid-19 come from travelers who have contact with people or with relatives who come to visit from abroad.

Hernández Ortiz said that in view of the work being carried out by the central government, gathering information on all travelers entering through the Luis Muñoz Marín airport, it is of vital importance for the municipalities that may a certainty of how many travelers are had in each one of the towns.

“We know that the Health Department, within the data and information that they collect in collaboration with the National Guard at our airport, is the exact place where the traveler will arrive or, it is understood, which municipality will be visiting said person and for how long will your stay be in that place, "said the first vice president of the Association of Mayors, in written statements.

The mayor asked both Governor Wanda Vázquez and the Secretary of the Department of Health, Lorenzo González , and General Luis Reyes of the National Guard, to order immediately, to provide the municipalities with lists that contain all the information on travelers, since there is already a collaboration agreement between the mayors and the Department of Health to the implementation of the Tracking System at a uniform Country level, and that this information is extremely valuable and important for the monitoring and tracking that is coming In all the municipalities.

On the other hand, the mayor stated that he maintained that the past weeks he held meetings with various teachers' leaders and stated that the greatest emphasis and support that should be given to returning to schools is to establish a tracking system in each of the Island's facilities.

For this, the mayor made the Monitoring and Tracking System established in Villalba available to the teachers.

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