April 19, 2021

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Mechanical breakdown affects drinking water service in Gurabo sectors | government

The Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (AAA) reported that the Jagual 1 pump station in Gurabo is out of operations due to mechanical failure, so sectors that are supplied with this system experience interruption of drinking water service. [19659002] The director of the Caguas operational area, Milton Pérez Oquendo, explained that “mechanical components will be being replaced in the Jagual 1 pumps in Gurabo that are currently maintaining distribution. Operational adjustments will be being made to identify service transfers from another system, while the repair work is being completed, since it may take six to eight hours. ”

While the work is being completed, the residents of Jagual, Mamey, Rincón , Bezares de Gurabo sector; as well as the El Encanto de Juncos urbanization will experience interruption of the potable water service during the repair works.

To mitigate the situation, the agency will have tanker trucks available to supply potable water to the affected communities.

Given the possibility of turbidity when service is restored, it is recommended to boil the water for three minutes prior to consumption.

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