January 22, 2021

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Medical Sciences receives millionaire approval of FEMA funds

San Juan – The Medical Sciences Campus (RCM) of the University of Puerto Rico announced on Monday the approval of 2.8 million dollars in funds from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, in English) for the permanent repair of damages caused by the Hurricane Maria at the Center for Maternal and Child Studies (CEMI), the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (ACTU), the Student Center and the faculty parking lot.

“I congratulate the work team of the Dean of Administration for carrying out this process successfully. We thank FEMA for the granting of these funds that will help us to continue strengthening our infrastructure and facilities for the well-being of the faculty, students, researchers, and the patient community we serve, ”Segundo Rodríguez, rector of the RCM, said in a statement .

The diversity of services, the complexity and cutting-edge coverage in the health area have made the Medical Sciences Campus responsible for higher education in all the subjects it covers.

“This positions them as a leader in research, services and clinical aspects and ensures their mission to teach and improve the health of the people of Puerto Rico through the training of the future generation of health professionals,” he concluded.

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